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Which one, alcohol or water based hand cleaning for Infection Control

Which one, alcohol or water based hand cleaning for Infection Control

Apr 25,2017

With the increased demand on control measures for the rise in infection risks in healthcare, are you offering the best solution to reduce the risks.

Currently Alcohol based hand cleaners and sanitisers are commonly used, although there is a growing awareness that alcohol is not as effective as many would like to think especially against some of the more prevalent pathogens. It is also a known fact that alcohol is ineffective against C. diff, which is a high risk to elderly in care.

Water based products are growing in popularity, they are more effective, easier and safer to transport, can be used in a wider number of environments, suitable for all ethnic groups, don’t cause drying out of the skin in the same way as alcohol products, don’t have any fragrance and all round are generally a nicer product to use.

We have developed a water based hand cleaner and sanitiser that kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also keeps working for up to 6 hours after use, preventing the risk of cross contamination. It also fights mutations due to the physical nature of the product design.

The product is Quat Free, PHMB Free and Alcohol free, Skin Safe, and more importantly it works to protect the user.

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